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Independent Research 2012-13
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If you want to receive periodic emails concerning this class, click hereto enter your email address. Your parents can also sign up if they want.I highly recommend you purchase the latest version of Barron's Review for AP Environmental Science. Using it throughout the course will be extremely helpful to you as it provides excellent summaries of the various units we will study, and practice exams for you to test your knowledge.Final Exam: Please keep in mind that the final exam is extremely important. It counts for 25% of your course grade. That is huge! And it is cumulative. So don't forget course material from the first of the year. You will see it all again.
I do not negotiate grades. What you earn is what you get. So don't find yourself "on the bubble" and needing just 0.2 point to give you the next higher letter grade. It won't happen.
APES Exam - Monday, 8:00 AM; May 7, 2012; Exam Fee: $87; Money is due by Feb. 17; Fee can be paid online (directions to follow) or in Room 130Students can apply for waivers, but they must be on free or reduced lunch to do so. If a fee-waiver student does not take the exam, they must pay $13 this year. Fee can be paid with a check or online (website info will follow later), no cash. Teachers will not collect money for AP exams. Students can either leave the fee in the office for Ms. Thompson, or bring it directly to Room 130 anytime. The yellow sheets indicating what students plan to do with regard to testing will be distributed in early January when we return from break.
APES Exam Review

Where do you go to RECYCLE various items? Go to
Web Page Design Project: Lab Safety Contract: For additional help, refer to one or more of the following study guides:
1. AP Advanced Placement Examination, Environmental Science, Research and Education Association, $16.95, ISBN 0-7386-0041-5
2. Cracking the AP Environmental Science Exam, The Princeton Review, $17.00, ISBN 0-375-76538-7
3. How to Prepare for the AP Environmental Science Examination, Barron's, available at Barnes and Noble, $16.95; ISBN 0-7641-2161-8

Plus, there are many resources available to you on the Internet.

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