I was born in Bethesda, MD, grew up in Cincinnati, OH, and attended to The Ohio State University (Columbus) where I received my B.S. Chemistry. I attended The University of Connecticut (UConn) and received my Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry. [ Thesis title: "The Electrochemical Oxidation of Some Substituted Tetraphenylethylenes and DDT-Related Compounds" ] This was all in the days of the slide rule. We didn't have calculators! They hadn't been invented yet.
I worked in the environmental field for over 20 years analyzing environmental samples (soil, water, air), analyzing biological samples for organic and inorganic components, and consulting with field engineers. I have lived in Birmingham (MI), Pittsburgh (PA), Boston (MA), Auburn (AL) and Parsippany (NJ). With my children out of college I decided to move to Charlotte, NC, and pursue a career in teaching.
In pursuit of my teaching license in Comprehensive Science, I took a number of science and education courses at UNC Charlotte. I really miss going to UNCC and meeting with the professors and fellow students. But now I have a lot more time for other things.
In November 2001 I passed the National Boards for teaching. During 2009-10, I successfully renewed my NBCT certification. My wife Shirley is a Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE). Shirley's big project each year is walking in the 50-mile 3-day walk for MS (multiple sclerosis).
In 1998-99, I founded the Providence HS Women's Lacrosse Club, which I coached for 12 years. Having recently retired as coach, I am refocusing my efforts on technology issues at the school. I have worked with the Promethean Board technology for the past two years, and will be adding a class set of iPads this coming school year (2012-13).
I am the school WebMaster and one of the Technology Contacts for PHS. I also provide training to the school staff for creating and maintaining their web pages (now on CMSWiki), and operating the school attendance and gradebook computer system - NC WISE.
In April, 2005, I received an award for the "Best Teacher Website in North Carolina" from the North Carolina Association for Educational Communications and Technology.
My son Mike and his wife Jill, both graduates of The University of Delaware, live in Ellicott City, MD. Mike is a salesman for a roofing supplies company. They have two sons (Ryan and Gavin) and a daughter (Morgan).
My daughter Katy graduated from The University of California at Hayward with a degree in accounting and is a CPA. She lives in Brattleboro, VT. Her daughter Yarrow (16 yrs) is paricipating in a school program this fall that will take her to Quito, Ecuador for 9 weeks. See the picture below of the yurt she built in Marlboro, VT. She no longer lives in the yurt.
In July, 2008, my wife and I went to Alaska, The Last Frontier. You will see some pictures from our trip on this web site and in class (those that pertain to the class material, anyway). Our dream vacation was to visit the Denali National Park in Alaska - something we did during the summer of 2012.

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