Chemistry I Course Description

Chemistry I is designed to provide a general introduction to chemical concepts. This course includes a study of matter, scientific calculations, study of atoms, molecules, the periodic table, chemical bonding, nomenclature, chemical equations, stoichiometry, states of matter, detailed study of the laws governing gases and solutions, chemical equilibrium, acids and bases, oxidation and reduction reactions, and electrochemistry, and some organic and nuclear chemistry.

As this course relies heavily on the mathematics behind the science, it is imperative that all students have a good understanding of basic algebra (including logarithms). Students who are struggling in math courses generally find chemistry to be difficult. However, a willingness to work hard will enable some students to overcome a fear of math and be successful in this course.

Students are expected to know how to properly use their calculators. Programmable graphing calculators (e.g., TI-82's, etc.) are not required. A basic scientific calculator (e.g., TI-30) is sufficient for this course.

I put a lot of information and assignments on the Internet for student use and expect every student to make full use of this valuable resource. On my WebPages I also include a number of tutoring sites for student use. Students must have Internet access either at home, through the school Media Center, or the public library.

Textbook: Chemistry - Matter and Change, McGraw Hill, 2005