Chemistry Study Tips

Time Management

Study at least 0.5 hours each night (5 nights per week) for the book/lecture part of the course. Laboratory work will require additional time to prepare for the labs and write lab reports.

Study every night, not just the night before a quiz or test. Read ahead when you can, and review your notes after class. Keep up with the material. This is one course where it is extremely difficult to catch up by cramming. Take notes on the chapters when you read. You can then review the chapter quickly by simply going over your notes. You will not have to read the book twice, and it is more efficient.

During Lectures

Attend all classes. Don't skip. Be on time. Be prepared to start when the tardy bell rings, because I will. Go to the bathroom before class. Pay attention. Take notes. Contribute to the class discussion and listen actively.
Do not disturb others in class - including the instructor. Wait until you are dismissed before packing up to leave. Ask questions and get answers.

Solve Problems

Do your homework whether it will be collected and graded, or not; and solve lots of problems. Want more work to do - just ask. You must be able to work problems with or without a calculator to be successful. Learn scientific notation. Review your algebra. If you are a weak math student, you will have to work harder to get through this class. So plan on it.
Use pencil when solving math problems. It is much easier to erase when you make an error. And you will.


Come prepared. Know what you are going to do when you arrive. Time is often very limited. That includes time to set up and clean up. If you have to ask the instructor what to do at each step of a process, you will never finish. Remember, this is your lab, not your instructor's.


Use the Internet regularly for assistance. I have included numerous references for online tutoring sites, etc. And there are many, many more.


If you have a question or need some one-on-one assistance, come after school. It is amazing how a few extra minutes of a teacher's undivided attention can help you out of a mental block. There is no excuse for not getting the help you may need. Do not wait until the day before a test and say. "I don't understand any of this." If you are really that lost, then one day of studying will not be enough.