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January, 2012
Dear Parents,

I look forward to working with your son or daughter this year. I know the students will find the courses challenging. I trust they will also find them interesting and informative as some of them continue to prepare for college. I do not expect all students to be college-bound science majors. But my goal is to provide each and every student with a good working knowledge and appreciation for the subject they are studying. At the end of the course, all students will take a final exam (counts as 25% of the course grade). This is a very important test, the results of which are a good measure of how well they have mastered the course.

I have high expectations for all my students in regards to both academic effort and classroom behavior. I expect students to conduct themselves in a manner which will allow the maximum instructional time and the safety of all class members. All students have been directed to the class web site to obtain copies of the Course Prospectus and Laboratory Safety Contract, review these documents with you, sign and return. I will discuss these documents in class to ensure their understanding. These forms must be returned with signatures prior to students participating in any laboratory activities.

The Course Prospectus details the course description, the course syllabus, and the rules by which the class operates (grades, missed assignments and student behavior).

If you have any questions throughout the course, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. The best way to reach me is by email.


R. Keenan, Ph.D., NBCT
AP Environmental Science; Earth/Environmental Science
Webmaster; Technology Contact
School Leadership Team Member
Trainer: NCWISE, CMSWiki
Discovery Education Science Coordinator
Science Olympiad Coach
tel 980.343.5390
fax 980.343.3956
cell 704.726.1397 class web site school web site

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